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NJ +NY – No more fight, flight and freezing- Emotional Healing AWESOME RESULTS!


Just back from the North east of the United States and I am so thrilled to report that the students were truly transformed through the process of using essential oils, flower essences, breathing techniques, movement and story telling. The introduction to Emotional Healing one day workshop has now been taught 6 times and each time I see new ways people are feeling better.  I see them recovering easier and getting their energy back which helps them to  become more resilient to future stresses, traumas and daily conflicts.

Essential oils are truly the spark plug which ignited their ability to respond and become more resilient to traumas and shocks they have encountered before because essential oils work on the psychoneuroendocrinology  and psychoneuroimmunology.

Flower essences worked on their energy field (the mind system) that allowed their  energy field  to become larger and stronger which builds the resilience to negativity of others and situations along  with environmental challenges  that all  our energy fields encounter each day such as radiation, EMF’s, pesticides, insecticides, air pollution and water pollution.  The power of Flower essences are helpful to get rid of habits and patterns that the student no longer wanted to hold onto.

The breathing techniques really got the students relaxed and able to connect to their bodies and what is going  within themselves. They also connect  with each other through hand massage with our special SET blend!

Story Telling helped the students to see how they were stuck in their old stories and had been replaying them for too long. It made them realize there are always two sides or more to every story. Through this process of story telling they learn to let go of the past and re create a new story that helps them feel better and be in the present moment.

In the 2 day Total Immersion- we went deeper into Emotional challenges using what they learned from the 1 day introduction to Emotional healing and more in depth story telling along with movement that helped them to move through these deeper challenges.  The movement that they learned will help them confront and handle daily stresses in a responsible and healthy manner.


Watch how Bob Kraeger and Kirk Bashaw really get into the movement exercise in the New York 1 day Introduction to Emotional Healing. This is truly heartfelt fun!


Now watch how the Total Immersion group just automatically start healing their inner child! Watch Diane Maiorisi and Valerie Stone!

The lovely group of ladies in New Jersey who took responsibility for their mental and emotional health.

Learn How Valerie Stone and family have transformed their lives through the Emotional Healing Tools that she learned in Emotional Healing with Essential Oils and Flower Essences Workshop! Valerie is living proof that  by using these tools you can not only transform yourself but  others too.

Here is other participants are saying about how they are healing with this workshop.

” The Total Immersion Essential Emotional Healing Workshop Using Common Scents with Essential Oils + Flower Essences was so much more than I expected. I learned so much about myself through story telling about the emotional baggage that I was carrying around and how it was weighing me down. I suppressed these emotions deep down which did not allow me to move forward nor allow for healing. Lorrie Hargis, RA was an amazing mentor and taught and provided participants the tools we could use to implement in our daily lives to us identify our emotions, simple exercises to open our hearts and clear energy as well as creating a variety of blends with essential oils and flower essences to support us through emotional healing. I met so many beautiful people and the energy throughout the class was inspiring and rejuvenating.”

Elizabeth Martinez, RN. Oncology Nurse Navigator

I can’t say enough about all the participants and how they gave and received the love, kindness that was in their hearts to each other. I am so grateful that I will teaching another Total Immersion Emotional Healing Workshop in Las Vegas- Sept 2nd, 3rd and 4th!

Click  here to sign up Total Immersion EmotIonal Healing Las Vegas

I can’t wait to see you become whole, healthy and happy!

Better Health and Happiness,


Essential Emotional Healing with Essential Oils + Flower Essences Workshops!!

Essential Oils + Flower Essences 3 Days Exclusive in New Jersey with Lorrie Hargis, RA

Do you want to learn How to use Essential Oils + Flower Essences because you are or someone you know is suffering from anxiety, stress, depression and physical pain?

We have the tools, techniques, essential oils + flower essences to help you!

I am so pleased to announce that I will be flying to New Jersey all the way from the South of France to lead Emotional Healing workshops!

March 29th, 30th & 31st

10:00 am to 5:30 pm

Tree of Life Pilates

1064 S. Main Street Unit 2E

West Creek, New Jersey

Grab your seat at the link below because seating is limited.

3 day Workshop- 1 day – Intro to Essential Emotional Healing & 2 Day Immersion with Essential Oils + Flower Essences

March 29th, 30th & 31st 10:00 am to 5:30pm

Sign up here- $450.00 until March 25th, 2019 

1 day -Intro to Essential Emotional Healing with Essential Oils + Flower Essence

March 29th, 2019 – 10:00 am to 5:30 pm

Sign up  here- $200.00 until March 25th, 2019 

 For Previous Students only-

**Essential Emotional Healing 2 day Immersion with Essential Oils + Flower Essences

March 30th & 31st- 10 :00 am to 5 :30pm

Sign up here- $400.00 until March 25th, 2019

* All Attendees must  have taken the Prerequisite- Intro to Essential Emotional Healing

** This workshop is a Prerequisite for Emotional Healing with Essential Oils + Flower Essence Teachers Training

This event is a 3 day workshop, with lots of topics covered that we couldn’t even fit in 1 email.. we are REALLY excited!! Make sure you read the workshop information below…

Contact: Diane Maiorisi-

Gain the tools needed to heal yourself & those around you, as well as valuable knowledge to reshape your negative past stories, in order to bring healing & balance!

Diane Maiorisi, who has been training under me for over 20 years, will host this workshop.  We are so excited to finally be bringing this information to New Jersey.

March 29th, 2019 New Jersey

In the Introduction Emotional Healing with Essential Oils + Flower Essences One day Workshop!

Everyone is so HAPPY

You will learn:

What is an Essential Oil?

How are Essential Oils?

What is a Flower Essence?

 How Flower Essences are Obtained?

Safe Selection + Contraindications

How to use Essential Oils & FlowerEssences to Emotionally & Physically Heal

How to Make Essential Oil & FlowerEssences Formulations for Life Changing Transformation!

The Ancient Art of Storytelling for Powerful Healing!

How to Make a Personalized Formulation

* Prerequisite for the 2 day Emotional Healing Immersion & Emotional Healing with Essential Oils + Flower Essence Teachers Training

Please make sure you bring a yoga mat or towel to lie, pillow, blanket, journal, pen +paper and sack lunch.

All supplies are provided.

Educational Materials needed – Please purchase my book, “Common Scents, A Practical Guide to Aromatherapy,” and the Flower Essence  Repertory from the Flower Essence Society!

Click here 15.00 regular price $18.95

Click here the Flower Essence  Repertory 


March 30th & 31st New Jersey

In the Emotional Healing Immersion with Essential Oils + Flower Essences 2 day Workshop

You will learn:

Breathe Work to Release Fears, Anger and Anxiety

Free yourself from Physical and Mental Limitations

How Essential Oils & Flower Essences effect the Mind, Body and Spirit

Improve your Daily Life by Integrating Flower Essences & Essential Oils into your Daily Routine

Mindful Techniques for Rebuilding Relationships

Build your Physical Strength and Vitality

How to Make More Essential Oil & Flower Essence Formulations for Life Changing Transformation

In-depth StoryTelling connecting you to your Life Purpose and Meaning

Make more Personalized blends each day as you evolve

**Prerequisite-Emotional Healing with Essential Oils + Flower Essence Teachers Training

Please make sure you bring a yoga mat or towel to lie on, pillow, blanket, journal, pen +paper and sack lunch.

All supplies are provided.

Educational Materials needed – Please purchase my book, “Common Scents, A Practical Guide to Aromatherapy,” and the Flower Essence Repertory from the Flower Essence Society.

Click here to purchase my book 15.00 regular price $18.95

Click here to purchase the Flower Essence Repertory

Don’t Forget Your Essentials, Use Your Common Scents,

Better Health and Happiness in New Jersey,



Terms & Conditions-  50 % refund of the total amount two weeks before the workshops begin. No refunds one week before workshop. The amount paid can be credited for a future workshop.

Essential Oil Blending Workshop in Indiana – Sept 2018


Do YOU want to know how to make your own blend using essential oils?

I can’t wait to teach and train you how to blend in a fun, easy, yet scientific way – where you will learn how to make formulations according to the international fragrance standards. This is something that I did here in France as the owner/operator of an organic skin care company for over 11 1/2 years where I transformed over 120 products from Natural to Organic.

It took 7 years to do it! However I did it with a wonderful team and lovely, intelligent chemistry interns from Universities all over France. As you can see in the photo below, I continue to teach Masters II Chemistry Students as visiting professor at the Faculté des Sciences, University of Montpellier – teaching them how to use essential oils in skin care products (facial & body).

So this is where I am coming from – researching ingredients, developing products that were certified organic by Ecocert  and meeting the international standards and European regulations on using essential oils in skin care. Now I am going to share  this information with you, in this Essential Oil Blending Workshop.

Master 11 Chemistry Students at University of Montpellier Science

 Essential Oil Blending Workshop

September 13th, 2018

9am to 11:30 am

JW  Marriott 10 S West St.

Indianapolis, Indiana

Your investment:  $97.00

You will Learn:

What is an Essential Oil?

How do Essential Oils Work Synergistically?

Overview of Essential Oil Chemical/Functional  Families

Understand IFRA (International Fragrance Association)

Make your own blend and learn how to blend to meet the IRA Standards

Prerequisite: Read the Chemistry Section of my book, Common Scents, A Practical Guide to Aromatherapy which you can purchase at this link for Special Offer of $15.00 normally $18.95

Special Offer $15.00

Blending materials are included in the workshop.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I can’t wait to make blends with you the safe and effective way meeting the international fragrance standards!

All The Best,