Feeling better when the world falls apart?

An herbalist, a natural hair stylist, a naturopathic doctor, minister and a teacher walk into a bar… Wait… what? Let’s start over… those are just a few of the people I did Case Studies with last week. And they’re all seeing massive success… right now, in 2022.

Yes, even with all the disruptions and all the crazy stuff that’s been happening… they’re so focused on helping their customers and clients, that they’re experiencing these major wins. I love it because I’ve been saying this all along, ever since March… the internet is a portal for learning. And frankly, with so many people having to adjust to being online-only for their work or for their education, there’s never been a better time to be in the aromatherapy certification program. At any rate… I got to talk to these wonderful people this week and it was awesome. We were recording case studies as my team gears up for our big Winter quarter. I’ll be sharing their stories in the next couple weeks.

Check out this my blog video to see how they’re making 2022 their year, even with all the challenges!

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