Get Aromatherapy INFORMED Quick!

Everywhere you look people are asking themselves how they can take care of their emotional and mental health. They are seeking to find safe and healthy solutions.

My take? I want you to get INFORMED quick… because you need that initial momentum to build a knowledge that you can always fall back on.

THAT is how you treat yourself kindly

That’s why this week was such a cool one for me.

I was discussing case studies for my upcoming Master Essential Oil Classes (spoiler alert!) and I can’t help but get excited when I see so many different people having success while participating in my aromatherapy certification program.

Seriously, this week I spoke to someone who is a pharmacist, someone who teaches her grand children at home, a cranial sacral therapist, and even someone who helps chronically ill people.

Don’t Forget your Essentials, Use your Common Scents!

Better Health and Happiness,