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Ginger, The Spicy Root!

Ginger root from Madagascar

Ginger, the plant! This reed-like plant named Ginger(Zingiber officinale Roscoe) is native to the coastal region of India. It has been used in China before written history began. Marco Polo saw this plant in China between 1280 and 1290 A.D. Its name interpreted from the Greek, Arabic, and Indian means, “Known already to the ancient.” Ginger, the common name is derived from the Sanskrit “gringa” or horn and “vera” meaning body, in reference to the shape of the root. Ginger stimulates the secretions of ingestive fluids that lower cholesterol ( Samadi, 2022), helps with motion sickness (Haniadka, 2013) and morning sickness. The Chinese value this stimulating plant and add it to their meat dishes to detoxify it. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, they have used Ginger in their herbal formulations to warm the stomach and spleen (middle) and disperse the cold and alleviate vomiting (Hunt R et al., 2013).

Ginger also has an effect on a circulation, because of the stimulating volatile oils it contains. This valuable root has the ability to purify the blood and is valuable when indications of flu start coming on. It has also been used as a female and male tonic, liver, and kidneys, because of its effectiveness when used with other herbs.

Ginger, the Hydrosol!

Ginger water (hydrosol) along with Thyme water (hydrosol) from the steam distillation has been shown to detoxify and have antioxidant effects. Therefore, it is recommended to use them to avoid alcohol toxicity (Shati, 2009). 3 tbsps daily for 10 days per month.

Try this formulation to help you with Aches and Pains.

Ginger, the Essential Oil!

Warming, delightfully spicy, light yellow to dark yellow, aromatic, and strengthening is the essential oils of Ginger. The root is steam distilled. The Ginger essential oil warms the body internally. “Ginger has a pain-reducing effect and it can modulate pain through various mechanisms: inhibition of prostaglandins via the COX and LOX-pathways, antioxidant activity, inhibition of the transcription factor nf-kB, or acting as an agonist of vanilloid nociceptor (Rondanelli 2020).”

Ginger, the Flower.

Ginger, the Flower Essence

Ginger flower essence was a research flower when I first started using it and this is what my experience was like with this quite beautiful flower. I felt warmer physically, especially in the lower trunk. My mind was clearer and very calm. I was able to handle situations constructively with others. I could speak my true feelings in a warm and calm way. This flower helped me in relationships and communication.

Yellow ginger – Flower Essence

Relaxing to your body and your mind. Helps alleviate anxiety and panic attacks. Brings your energy down into your body, therefore grounding and stabilizing.

When we can relax, we can rejoice and know that all is well.
These flowers are carefully hand-gathered and made into our healing flower essences which: Yellow GingerFlower Essence helps your mind & body to let go and RELAX.

Applications: Excellent used topically and in massage to release muscle tension and pain.

Take 5 drops under the tongue or in water, juice, or tea. Place 10 drops in your water bottle.

Use topically, rub into hands, wrists, back of the neck, and places of tension or tight muscles. (https://hawaiianrainforestnaturals.com/product/ginger-flower-essence-relax/, 2022)

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You can also see my article in AIA Aromatic Journal Summer 2019 in Action called Ginger, the Root of all Spices https://www.alliance-aromatherapists.org/

To learn more about Ginger essential oil and herb join me in the Common Scents Community for the Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbs and Essential Oils Monthly Live Workshops – https://www.lorriehargis.com/members/join-csc/

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Breath of Life – the ability to take life in!

Ancient spiritual and physical practices use breathing exercises. Yoga combines prana or pranayama (life force or breath) with asanas or postures. Qigong from China uses breath to move qi or life force, energy throughout the body.

Psychotherapists heal emotional trauma by using breathing techniques (Ley 1999). Breathe enhances healing from cancer and chronic diseases (Manon et al.2003). From the beginning of time breathing has been part of the birthing process. In the 1970s women started using Lamaze breathing techniques to focus and breathe for each stage of labor.

Concentrated breathing cycles in meditation brings the life force into your cells
Breath with movement stimulates your muscles, organs, cells, and neurotransmitters. It balances hormones and keeps you youthful. Increased brainpower, elevated moods are benefits of movement with breath.

It also can help you to stay calm and relax when feeling stressed, tense, or pressured. Breathing is a way to nurture yourself. The military teaches a breathing technique when they get into a critical situation. This technique is belly breathing which is one of the breaths I use daily. Inhale life and exhale to let go is a great way for you to start using breathing techniques. I would like to share one of the many ways to use your breath to stop stress, tension, pressure, and pain. As soon as you feel any of these things coming on use this breath.

You also can use it to help you focus and stay in the present thus making you more productive in your daily life.

One Minute Mindful Breathing Daily Practice
1. Sit in a comfortable position with the spine straight
2. Feet flat on the floor
3. Close your eyes
4. Breath in through the nose like you are sniffing a rose
5. Breath out through the mouth like you are blowing out a dandelion
6. Continue this breathing for at least 1 minute building up to 3 minutes
7. If any thoughts come in let them go with the breath

Give this a try and let me know how you do with it. Please share with me what kind of breathing techniques you use. I love to learn.

Learn how to use this Mindful breathing technique with Emotional Healing.
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