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What do you get with Essential Oils and Flower Essences?

Find out more on February 13th, from 11am to 6:00pm at the Introduction to Emotional Healing with Essential Oils and Flowers Workshop

ClICK HERE for more information.

1 day Emotional Healing with Essential Oils & Flower Essence Workshop by Lorrie Hargis RA

Saturday, February 13th, 2021

11am to 6:00 pm EST (New York Time)

Cost $75.00

Sign up before is February 7th, 2021

You will learn:

What is an Essential Oil?
How are Essential Oils Obtained?
How Essential Oils effect the Mind, Emotions and Body?
What is a Flower Essence?
How are Flower Essences Obtained?
How Flower Essences effect the Mind, Emotions and Body?
Safe Selection and Contraindications
How to use Essential Oils & Flower Essences
21 Essential Oil & Flower Essences Formulations for Life Changing Transformation!

How to use Mindfulness Techniques
How to make 3 of these Formulations during the workshop.
The Ancient Art of Storytelling for Powerful Healing!
How to Make your own Personalized Formulation?
How to continue your Aromatherapy Journey?

Anyone can attend.

CLICK HERE 1 day Emotional Healing with Essential oils + Flower Essence Workshop $75.00

You will need:

My book, “Common Scents, A Practical to Aromatherapy,” to help you make your personalized blend –
CLICK HERE for discount on my book regularly $18.95 student discount $15.95

IMPORTANT: When you sign up – Please bring the essential oils and flower essences that are located in your confirmation email under Materials so you can make the formulations during the workshop.

You also will need pen, paper, tea cup or mug, and have your lunch made a head of time and comfortable exercise or yoga mat to lay on and comfortable chair to sit in. A place in your house where you will not be disturbed and complete access to the Wifi or ethernet connection. No one is to disturb you unless there is an emergency. This is for your emotional healing and wellbeing.

For attending: You will receive 5 CE’s approved by the NAHA due to the Lorrie Hargis, Registered Aromatherapist being an NAHA Continuing Education Provider. The Lorrie Hargis International School of Aromatherapy is an NAHA approved school.


Emotional Healing with Essential Oils + Flower Essences Live Streaming in 2020!

Sign up Now for Monday, March 9th, 2020 at 10am to 5:30 pm – Get your supplies !

So many of us today experience emotional responses through the people who surround us, both physically and virtually. We can take on the negative emotions that are “given” to us simply by being empathetic and understanding with a friend or colleague, or even while we are scrolling through our Social Media accounts.

At times we can feel that we are overwhelmed with the overload of negative energy and messages that our bodies are receiving.

According to Flora Carlin in Psychology Today, “We live in an age where negative emotions can spread to hundreds online in the time that one unhappy family member dampens the spirits of a household.”

Learn how to re-balance your emotional scales through the wonderful healing properties of Essential Oils and Flower Essences combined, in this 1 day Introduction to Emotional Healing.

We are offering the opportunity to participate in the Cocoa Beach, FL. via Live Streaming on March 9th from 10.00am to 5.30pm EDT – only $75! Sign up Now

YOU too, can be there LIVE with us making formulations from the comfort of your home. Grab a Partner and get them signed up too to get the full benefits of this workshop!

I love GUIDING, TEACHING and SHARING with YOU through this media.

You will receive the workshop information before it starts so you can order all the ingredients and prepare to make all the blends.

You will also receive the recording and slides from the Workshop!


Here is what students are saying about Lorrie’s Emotional Healing Workshop with Essential Oils and Flower Essences

I attended in April. I helped my 70 y.o. recently widowed neighbor who suffers with anxiety attacks by giving her a roll on blend from Lorries recipes. She just called me and asked for more! I must find my notes as soon as this session is over!

Marsha Byrd

I really recommend the class. Life changer!!!

Diane Maiorisi

Your class has given me the tools to use more essential oils. I am teaching two oil classes at a local hospital. I am studying your materials and you really set the stage for that. I am so glad I took your class. It was so great.

Your books are so good and usable. I was so impressed with your class. I certainly came home with so much more than the cost.

You are amazing. I am so glad I got to meet you and consider you one of the most gifted and loving souls in this business and I really mean that. Have a great day.

Linda Kantor, Wyoming

My eyes were opened to many new techniques for Emotional Healing. The Essential Oil blends made in the class lead me to more understanding about how to use Flower Essences and Essential Oils. Then learning how to reshape a negative personal story are some of the valuable things that I learned in the Emotional-healing Workshop with Lorrie Hargis RA. So thankful that I will receive the recording of this as well because it was packed with valuable information on Emotional Healing that I will share in the near future.

Shirley Klaus, New Jersey

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What is an Essential Oil?

What is a Flower Essence?

The Authentic Essential Oils and Flower Essences that you will need for Emotional Healing.

How to apply Essential Oils and Flower Essences Safely and Effectively.

Essential oil and Flower Essences Formulations for Life Changing Transformation

The Ancient Art of Story Telling for Powerful Inner Healing

Make three hands on formulations to take home with you. PLUS your own Personal Blend for what ails you.

Live Streaming and Cocoa Beach, FL Satellite Available! $75.00 click here

BONUSES for Live Streaming from Florida –

You will receive a special discount for:

Lorrie Hargis RA’s book , “Common Scents, A Practical Guide to Aromatherapy in English for $15.00 regularly $18.95

Click here- Discount on book

After care – Group call + Student Forum

Looking forward to meeting you in person at the workshop through Live Streaming!

Master Essential Oil Emotional Healing Class 4 Part Series!

Hello, it is so wonderful to be able to share this information on how you can use essential oils for emotional healing! I have been using essential oils for emotional healing for 26 years. I can’t wait for you to take this one simple step by watching this Master Essential Oil Emotional Healing Class 4 Part Series and then begin to use one small drop of essential oil with these simple mindful techniques to help you have a clearer and focused mind, balanced emotions where you don’t judge yourself for feeling good or bad. It just is.

As you do these techniques each and every day along with using your essential oils you will have a better attitude, feel more hopeful, become more resilient your physical health will improve too. You will have more energy and want to get out to see friends and family.

I hope you were able to watch them and share with friends. Our mental and emotional health are so important. Great news though if you didn’t- you can purchase the Master Essential Oil Emotional Healing 4 Part Series for $97.00 Regularly $199.97 plus you will get the slides. Click here – https://dz320.infusionsoft.com/app/manageCart/addProduct?productId=487

Better Health and Happiness to you each and everyday in a healthy and positive way,



Master Essential Oil Emotional Healing Part 1 of the 4 Part Series

Master Essential Oil Emotional Healing Class Part #1 of the 4 Part Series

You will learn:

Emotions & Understanding them

What is Emotional Awareness?

How to Build Emotional Awareness

Do emotions effect us physically ?

What are the 4 things that your Emotions do for you ?

Warnings from your emotions

Finding out why you are reacting?

How can essential oils help your emotions

Master Essential Oil Emotional Healing Part 2 of 4 Part Series

Master Essential Oil Emotional Healing Class Part 2 – How to Use Essential Oils for Emotional Healing!

You will learn:

1. What leads us to Emotional Healing?

2. What does your Nose have to do with your Emotions?

3. Introduction to a new Science

4. What is Emotional Healing through the Skin?

5. What is an Essential Oil

6. How to Obtain Essential Oils?

7.What other product is obtained from steam distillation?

8. How are Essential Oils used for Emotional Healing

9. Case Studies using essential oils for Emotional Healing:  Mood Swings & Anger by Jeanne Calabretta CNHP – Sleeplessness due to Depression & Anxiety by Anna Owusu, Certified Level 1 Aromatherapist ; Equine with Emotional Stress & Anxiety by Penny Chaney,

Wild Horse Nemo when rescued- He couldn’t be touched. He had been physically and emotionally abused! Case study by Penny Chaney Registered Aromatherapist.

Nemo regains his emotional well being and physical health through the blend by Registered Aromatherapist Penny Chaney.

Master Essential Oil Emotional Healing Part 3 of 4 Part Series

Master Essential Oil Emotional Healing Class Part 3 – Learn How to Use Essential Oils Safely for Emotional Healing
  1. Do essential oils penetrate the skin? A Review!
  2. Is it Safer to Use Organic Essential Oils?
  3. How to Use Essential Oils Safely?
  4. .What is IFRA?
  5. What is a Hydrosol?
  6. What you can’t & can Use Safely in Pregnancy & Children under 2?
  7. Do Botanical names matter for Safety?
  8. Safety Precautions of Essential Oils
  9. Why is Storage of Essential Oils Important? 
  10. How to Handle Essential Oils
  11. Emotional Challenges
  12. How to Blend for Emotional Challenge
  13. Formulations : Mood Elevator Roll on & Sleepless Nights Room Spray
Essential Oils can help you to focus, clear your mind and have emotional balance.

Master Essential Oil Emotional Healing Class Part 4 of the 4 Part Series

Master Essential Oil Emotional Healing Class Part 4 of 4 Part Series!

Find out how you can learn more about Using Essential Oils for Emotional Healing and how you can continue your Emotional Healing Journey. Develop your niche by using Essential Oils for Emotional Healing.

For more information on How to Use Essential Oils for Emotional Healing Click here for available workshops – https://www.lorriehargis.com/blog/emotional-healing-workshops-tour-2020/

To advance yourself with Essential Oils for Emotional Healing sign up for the Aromatherapy Certification Program – all students in Level 2 & 3 receive the “Introduction to Emotional Healing with Essential Oils + Flower Essences, ” as a Bonus; Level 1 receive it at a Special ACP price.

Level 3 Clinical Aromatherapy Certification has a special track for Emotional Healing Click here – https://www.lorriehargis.com/members/acp visit: www.lorriehargis.com or email: lorrie@lorriehargis.com