March Health Forecast: Cleanse and Protect Yourself from the Virus with Arnica, Yarrows, & Echinacea!

Cleanse the stagnation of Winter and open yourself up to the movement of Spring. 


This Winter many things have come out about the Virus and how it has affected us on more than one health aspect of our lives. Yes, most of us only think of the Virus attacking our physical body and immune system.  In reality when we get a Virus it affects us on all levels: spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. 

Where does the effect of a virus first take place? The first place is energetically. How can that be? Well according to Dr. Valerie Hunt emeritus professor of UCLA Department of Physiological Sciences with her studies and mapping of  bioenergy of the human being it is more than a physical body, it also incorporates the energy field. She explains that everything happens to us out in the human energy field of the body first then it affects us spiritually,emotionally, mentally, and then physically (Hunt,1998).

Medical research clearly defines mental and emotional stresses as primary factors in nearly all physical diseases. “ Until now, Dr. Hunt says, “many human diseases have been characterized as “etiology unknown.” “In other words, the cause of the disease could not be determined, and therefore the only possible treatment was alleviation of symptoms. But physiological symptoms appear because of the field disturbance.”

In mapping the bioenergy fields, Dr. Valerie Hunt found that everyone has a unique resting pattern. She calls this “the Signature Field.” The Signature Fields of human beings who have (or are soon to develop) diseases are of two kinds: deficiency patterns and hyperactive patterns. These show up on the graph as thick, jagged waves concentrated in high or low frequency bands.

Dr Valerie Hunts’ work has proven scientifically what the Chinese have known for over 4,000 years through their Traditional Chinese Medicine system which recognizes the energy system of the body with the twelve meridians.

It also proves the Ayurvedic concept of prāṇa that also dates 

from ancient times. The idea of prāṇa is central to many of the yogic traditions in India. Jain et al., (2014) describes prāṇa as:

 “an all-pervading life force in living beings and matter, manifests in different ways in the body. Prāna manifests in the physical body as the pancha vāyu, or “5 winds,” regulating physical processes: prana vāyu, apāna vāyu, udana vāyu, samana vāyu, and vyana vāyu. The pancha vāyu regulate functions at physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels and are fundamental to healing and wellbeing in Vedic medicine and Hatha yoga.”

In my 35 years of being in natural health this was one of our first lessons we learned to understand that living things plants, animals and people have a life force and are energetic beings.

So, let’s look at some plants and flowers that can help you energetically cleanse the effects that the virus has left you with and protect you energetically so your mind, emotions and body will be healthier, more able to fight off the Virus and open yourself up to move into Spring feeling better than before.

The first one I always recommend is Arnica flower essence because it helps with disconnection from the higher self from the body during shock and trauma. Boy, were we all shocked and traumatized by lockdowns and being isolated. Jobs were lost, the health system failed to provide any help except to go to the hospital and then there was the fear of never coming out of the hospital once you went into it. Arnica flower essence helps to heal deep seated shock or trauma which may have become locked into the body and prevent full healing recovery (Kaminski,2004). Isn’t this a great one for Long Haulers of the Virus or if you are feeling shocked or traumatized by your Covid experience.

Let me now, talk to you about another wonderful plant and flower- Yarrow it was the plant that Achilles, a great greek soldier in the Trojan warrior used to stop bleeding, to heal and to protect the wounds of his soldiers and that is why the botanical name of Yarrow was named after him (Achillea millefolium L.). At that time Achilles didn’t know the chemical constituents in Yarrow he just knew that it worked. So what’s in Yarrow that repairs tissues, mucous membranes, and helps maintain healthy nervous, respiratory and circulatory systems.  Yarrow contains an alkaloid principle called achilleine, as well as 123 constituents: flavonoids, volatile oils, potassium and calcium salts of organic acids, and tannins which give its astringent, toning effects on nervous tension, respiratory infections, digestive complaints, and fevers (Glen, 2020). Topically, yarrow has also been used in the treatment of wounds, sores, and rashes (Glen, 2020). According to an investigation by Tilwani, Komal et al, (2022), on anti-Corona viral potential of Yarrow tea, it contains a flavonoid called, “Luteolin that may inhibit or down-regulate the Cyclooxygenase II (PTGS2), a plausible mechanism underlying the Yarrow’s anti-inflammatory actions. Further, the Yarrow’s virucidal activity was assessed towards Transmission Electron Microscopic (TEM). The Yarrow treated SARS-nCoV-2 cell exhibits the disintegration of the virus membrane.”

Wow, what potential we have here with Yarrow made into tea to help us with viruses and to recover. If you would like to have Yarrow in your natural health medicine chest click here and enjoy some wonderful Yarrow tea.

This plant also has a magnificent white flower as you see in the photo above. The flowers are in clusters showing how they protect and heal your energy field. In the Flower Essence Repertory p.399, Yarrow flower essence helps with extreme vulnerability to others and to the environment; easily depleted, overly absorbent of negative influences, psychic toxicity. Well just watch the news once a day and your energy, mind, emotions and physical body are vulnerable to negativity of what they are saying and putting before you in images. Remember a picture is worth a thousand words because we don’t think in words we think in pictures. So I take Yarrow flower essence daily to help me have more inner radiance and strength of aura (energy field), compassionate awareness, inclusive sensitivity and beneficent healing forces. You can too, click here and let’s finish talking about this wonderful family of Asteraceae that has two more Yarrow flower essences (Pink Yarrow and Golden Yarrow) that can help you move through this Winter and be on your merry way to better health. 



How many of you are bleeding for others and can’t get their problems off your mind? I have suffered from this since I was a child and sometimes not realizing it wasn’t my suffering but the suffering of others that was bothering me. Well, thank goodness for Pink Yarrow (Achilea millefolium var. rubra) it has helped me to distinguish authentic compassion from overly sympathetic identification with others. Otherwise, as an Aromatherapist, Flower Essence Practitioner and Herbalist I would be coming home with the world’s problems on my shoulders every night and then internalizing them causing emotional confusion and disharmony with the hope that I would let it go by internalizing it. So for those of you who are in the healing field, natural or allopathic or  a mother or father at home or the office shrink, the Pink Flower Essence will help you with greater objectivity and containment. This flower with its beautiful pink clusters of little flowers teaches true compassion comes from the heart which is in touch with its own spiritual strength. This kind of love radiates and heals; it doesn’t absorb by sympathetic merging, it heals by compassionate presence (Kaminski et al., 2004). To add Pink Yarrow flower essence to your daily regimen click here.


Now, for the final Yarrow flower essence (Golden Yarrow, Achillea filipendulina) This hits the nail on the head if you now are suffering from being overly influenced by your environment and by other people; protecting oneself from vulnerability to others by withdrawal and social isolation. Well our governments inflicted this upon us even more by making us afraid to go outside, wear a mask wherever we went, don’t get close to your friends and family, and not let us see our loved ones in the hospital when they were sick or dying. Leaving us to worry about our family and friends not being able to hold their hand and speak sweet healing words to them in person and to have to say our goodbyes via Facetime. Golden Yarrow flower essence helps us to  remain open and balanced without compromising one’s basic integrity and health. This flower helps a person to build a sheath around their energy field which shields and protects, whilst still providing access to its innate sensitivity. Golden Yarrow flower essence can be found here.

Last but not least is the plant and flower of Echinacea widely known all over the world because it contains active substances such as echinacosides, glycoproteins, isobutylamides and polysaccharides that boost immune function, relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and have hormonal, antiviral, and antioxidant effects (Mount Sinai, 2022). According to a review Echinacea as a Potential Force against Coronavirus Infections? A Mini-Review of Randomized Controlled Trials in Adults and Children (2022): “Results from clinical studies confirm the antiviral activity found for Echinacea in vitro, embracing enveloped respiratory pathogens and therefore coronaviruses as well. Substantiating results from a new, completed study seem to extrapolate these effects to the prevention of SARS-CoV-2 infections. As hypothesized, the established broad antiviral activity of Echinacea extract appears to be inclusive for SARS-CoV-2. Make sure you add Echinacea plant extract  to your Natural Health Medicine Chest too. Click here

Everytime I look at this flower, Echinacea,I find myself like the conical center pulling myself together and drawing my body up straight. As the world is one big group consciousness we can say the pandemic of the virus has left us feeling very shattered by severe trauma and abuse in some way or another either through the illness, unwanted rules, lockdown and mandatory vaccinations to basically leave our homes unless it was to the get basic things like food. Echinacea flower essence helps us to contact and maintain an integrated sense of ourselves, when severely challenged. It stimulates and awakens the true inner self. According to Kaminski, et al., (2004) “Echinacea flower essence is a fundamental remedy for many soul and physical illnesses, especially when the individual has experienced shattering and destructive forces. It restores the soul’s true self -identity and essential dignity, in relationship to the Earth and to the human family.”

There is an awesome way to get all these herbal extracts of Yarrow, Echinacea and flower essences of Arnica, Yarrow, Pink Yarrow, Golden Yarrow and Echinacea with a product called Yarrow Environmental Solution (YES) through flower essences services. So all you have to do is take four drops under your tongue four times daily or as needed. Click here

Look at what a participant from our Recovering Emotionally from the Virus Webinar says about using the Yarrow Environmental Solution (YES) flower essence blend, and Arnica flower essence.

Today I would like to share with you a testimony I received from a student after they attended the Masterclass on How to recover from the Virus Emotionally. 

After your training I ordered all the flower essences you recommended: Golden, Pink, White Yarrow, Arnica, Echinacea, Red Clover, and Cherry Plum as well as the Yarrow Environmental Solution (YES).

I have had CV-19 three times; once in 2021 and twice in 2022.

So far, I have used specifically the Yarrow Environmental Solution (YES) and Arnica. My honestly (unexpected) results were as follows. After taking the YES My physical body strength felt as if suddenly it had come back “online”. It is difficult to describe. I was still tired but suddenly, I had the strength to do things whereas before I simply could not. The sensitivity of my body, to for example the feel of a breeze or a touch also felt like it came back online. I think I can best describe it as my body was able to FEEL again. I was capable of exercising at pre-pandemic levels for the first time. When going out (even to do errands) I started feeling unafraid of the environment or people. I live in a densely populated area and had been socially isolating since the pandemic began. I feel more comfortable in social situations. I have felt more comfortable when out of my home environment. Less threatened. I feel calmer and steadier. More balanced. I felt I was coming down with covid again after socializing 2 weeks ago. Symptoms lasted about 2 to 3 days as I incorporated the solution into my emergency protocol with essential oils. Basically, warring off whatever bug was faster this time with the YES. This I did not really expect at all. Arnica I started taking Arnica essence because you mentioned that it helped with feelings of disconnection to our Higher Self from the body.

*When I had the first covid test and tested positive, I lost not only my sense of smell but also some sensory perception and intuitive abilities. Communication with my Higher Self remained, but became somewhat less seamless. Less easy. This happened immediately after the swab test, which was extremely painful. Maybe they went in too far, I do not know.

*But from your training, I gathered I needed Arnica and took it.

*I feel that connecting to my higher self is more accessible than before. I no longer feel as disconnected, although I know I have a long way to go.

*Before covid, I had a very keen sense of smell. During covid, I lost my sense of smell for 6 to 9 months.

*I was aware it was not 100% back, but I had gotten used to living like this. Well, after taking YES and later Arnica, one day I realized that my skincare which, I thought, was fragrance-free actually is not !!! I was sooo happy.

*Every week I notice my olfaction continues to improve steadily. Some of the sensory perceptions and intuition have shown a little improvement as well.

*My sleep quality and duration have improved by 100%. Unfortunately, I am uncertain if this is a result of the YES or the Arnica, or both.

Dear Lorrie & teacher, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the knowledge you so lovingly, gracefully, and generously shared with all of us during the training.

Merci mille fois!”

MM, Panama


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My team and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts and hope you will come out of Winter better equipped to help yourself spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically with the Power of Herbs and Flower Essences for a wonderful Spring!

Better Health and Happiness,



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