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  1. Learn more about how to use essential oils in a safe way on a daily basis.
  2. Build yourself confidence using essential oils with other natural healing modalities such as herbs, flower essences, and Chinese herbs.
  3. Grow your knowledge with the use of essential oils for emotional balance and mental clarity with flower essences and special mindful techniques.
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  5. Communicate with Lorrie and fellow members in live weekly private group chats – ask anything you would like!
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Join a community where you can learn how to use essential oils safely and effectively. Plus, how to use them with Reflexology, Iridology, Kinesiology, Chinese Herbs, Flower Essences & for Emotional Healing.

Become a member and build your business by using essential oils combined with these other natural healing modalities, as well as access to live online workshops, starting at only $19.95 per month! The cost of each webinar is $35.00 for non-members.

In 2021, each month we will be learning in-depth about using essential oils and incorporating them into blends with herbs:

January – Creating a Vision Board Webinar!

February – Herbs, and Oils for the Circulatory System!

March – Herbs, and Oils for the Digestive System!

May – Herbs, and Oils for the Glandular & Reproductive Systems!

June – Herbs, and Oils for the Immune System!

July – Herbs, and Oils for the Intestinal System!

August – Herbs, and Oils for the Lymphatic System!

September – Herbs, and Oils for the Skeletal & Muscles Systems!

October – Herbs, and Oils for the Nervous System!

November – Herbs, and Oils for the Respiratory System!

December – Herbs, and Oils for the Urinary System!


About Lorrie

Your instructor is Lorrie Hargis, RA an internationally recognized Registered Aromatherapist. She has been in the natural health field for over 33 years and the Organic Skin Care field for over 12 years.  Lorrie is the owner of the Lorrie Hargis International School of Aromatherapy where she offers an online Aromatherapy Certification Program. She brings her expertise as a Registered Aromatherapist, Iridologist, Kinesiologist, and Flower Essence Practitioner, Researcher, and Developer of Organic Skin Care and Cosmetics based on Aromatherapy along with her abilities to present, teach and write natural health information in a clear and inspiring way that passes her wisdom onto others.

The Lorrie Hargis School of Aromatherapy is approved by the NAHA (National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy) to educate up to Level 3 – Clinical Aromatherapist.

Lorrie Hargis, RA is a NAHA approved educator and the Lorrie Hargis International School of Aromatherapy is NAHA approved school.


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