September Health Forecast:  Let the Fire Purify & Cleanse bringing Creativity & Love!

Are you suffering from poor digestion, irritable bowel syndrome, and small intestine bacterial overgrowth?

Do you feel like your heart isn’t really open because of the daily things you hear and see on the news?

Is your mind confused and weary?

  • According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the heart and small intestine are corresponding organs that are connected to the Fire sign. When our small intestine is not assimilating our foods and letting go of the things it doesn’t need it can cause a fire imbalance in the heart meridian.  
  • The Heart is sometimes called The Emperor, or “supreme controller of all Yin and Yang organs”.  It houses the body’s spirit (Shen) and is responsible for virtually all mental activities, including emotions, consciousness, memory, thinking, and sleep.  These mental activities all rely on the ability to make clear judgments, which is governed by the Small Intestine.
  • Here are some healthy suggestions for you to try to let the final burning flames of Fire Summer Purify and Cleanse you, bringing Creativity and Love to you!

Here is a blend of essential oils to help balance these meridians called, “Creativity and Love”

5 drops Orange essential oil – Uplifting

5 drops Neroli essential oil – stabilizing and calming

5 drops Geranium essential oil – balancing

1 drop Cinnamon leaf essential oil – energizing

1 Inhalation stick

Place essential oils in a small glass bowl and insert cotton to let it soak up the essential oils. Then place in the inhalation stick and snap the lid on.

Sniff on the right side of the nose while holding the left nostril; then sniff on the left side of the nose while holding the right side of the nose.

Then take a short sniff with both nostrils.

Contraindications: Do not use in pregnancy or with children under 8 years of age.

Now for the Open your Heart Exercise – Start with both hands with your palms facing each other with fingertips right above the pubic bone. We are going to make hearts with our arms. It is so much fun.

Begin to make a small heart from the pubic bone to your inner arms where the heart meridian is. Do it 3 times.

Make big hearts from the pubic bone up the center to your inner arms and go up over your head- 3 times.

Then sniff your blend to stabilize your heart meridian.

Learn more about How to Balance the Small Intestine Meridian with Essential Oils & Chinese Herbs!

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I hope you have a Happy, Healthy, Creative, and Loving September!


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