Upcoming Workshops and Events

Common Scents Community Live Workshop on Crafting Organic Skin Care for Sensitive Skin Babies & the Elderly

Tuesday April 11th at 1PM EST 

Sign up now with the link here to learn all about how to use hydrosols for Sensitive Skin and for babies and the elderly. 

You will learn:

  1. What is sensitive skin?
  2. Why do babies and the elderly have more sensitive skin?
  3. What essential oils, hydrosols, and carrier oils work best for sensitive skin?
  4. What is a good emulsifier for sensitive skin?
  5. How to formulate a sensitive facial cream
  6. How to take care of your sensitive skin with our simple and easy Organic Skin Care programs for facial care, babies, and the elderly.
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Testimony from the last Live workshop on Virus Care with Lorrie Hargis: 

“So wonderful to see Lorrie and be in her calming presence. She is a beautiful soul.”

Valerie Stone also says about the Organic Skin Care workshops: “These formulations work and work well. Speaking from personal experience, only Lorries’ organic skin formulations healed my serious skin issues, when the scripts from the doctors made my conditions worse.”

Flower Essence Retreat Practicum 

May 5th, 6th & 7th 2023 in Bakersfield California. 

Specially crafted for those taking the Flower Essence Course and wishing to become Certified Flower Essence Practitioners but also open to any one who has a desire to learn more about how to make flower essences, their vibrational properties, meeting like minded souls and connecting collectively to the power of flowers for a weekend. 

  • Learn How to do Plant Atunement
  • Learn How to Make a flower essence that you can take home!
  • Learn How Flower Essences can help you with Emotional and Mental Challenges
  • Discussion of Flower Essence case studies to help you better understand how you can help yourself and others
  • Discuss Client Skills
  • Garden walks
  • Discover Plant Attunement
  • Learn about new French flower essences by Lorrie Hargis & Zoe Pichot
  • Discuss Research on Flower Essences from the Flower Essence Society
  • Visualizations & Meditations
  • Sound bath on Saturday evening
  • Includes class materials

Two day Emotional Healing Workshop with Aromatherapy 

May 8th & 9th 

Bakersfield, CA

  1. What is Emotional Healing with Essential Oils? 
  2. How does Olfaction impact Emotional Well Being, Health and Empowerment
  3. How can an understanding of Emotional Healing be empowering for an Aromatherapist when working with clients?
  4. Transform yourself by finding out your Aromatic Personality.
  5. Learn the details of each Aromatic Family and individual Aromatic Personalities. 
  6. Understand and trust yourself, your intuition and gain confidence 
  7.   Breathing techniques with the Lorrie Method to empower yourself 
  8. Techniques to assist and facilitate emotional healing
  1. Boundaries and preserving professional integrity
  2. Client care plan for emotional healing 
  3. Self-care checklist with aromatic personality program
  4. Onward referral – professional help/people who can support

Flower Essence & Emotional Healing Retreat – 5 days for the Full Flower Moon 

We will be kicking off the Flower Essence Practicum retreat on the 5th of May: the FlowerMoon! This is the perfect time to gather together, share our experiences, celebrate and heal under the light of the Flower Moon.

The Flower Essence Practicum Retreat, from May 5th to May 7th, is for all those who have an interest in deepening their knowledge of flower essences and connection to flowers.

It will be followed by the Emotional Healing with Aromatherapy Retreat on May 8th and 9th, where one can discover their aromatic personality and plant type, and develop tools to better emotional support ourselves and eventually our clients.

You can join us for both and take a beautiful week for your healing and wellbeing with a special price!

Join Lorrie Hargis' Journey into
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(This 5 video series will walk you through healing naturally with Essential Oils)

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