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Mountain Rose Herbs

Order from Mountain Rose today and get ethically sourced, organic, high quality essential oils, hydrosols, herbal extracts, remedies teas and more! We love Mountain Rose because they are truly conscientious about their water use, ecological impact and having sustainability as their top priority.

Queen of Thrones

Connect to your body, your source, and your purpose through ancient self‑care rituals that have been innovated and modernized. Queen of the Thrones® is a team of superheroes who’ve made it their mission to help others around the world wake up like new every day with easy health and happiness practices.Their organic heatless, less‑mess, ready‑to‑wear Castor Oil Liver Pack, designed by a naturopathic doctor is one of our go-to practices!

Nature's Sunshine Products

Nature’s Sunshine Products offers a wide range of practical herbs and remedies for the whole family, with a passion for sharing the healing powers of nature with you, right to your home! Lorrie has been using their products for over 34 years now!

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