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Watch Lorrie be interviewed by the “Invisible Architecture” M. Carol Assa, who have known each other for decades.This is an interview you will not want to miss, as it has important current information on essential oils, brain studies, determining purity, quality, shelf life & more. Lorrie also goes over the best oils for stress, anxiety and loss of smell from Covid and other proven essential oil uses.

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Essential Healing for the Mind & Body with Essential Oils & Lorrie Hargis with Shirley Klaus

Why is it important to learn about essential oils from a professional instead of Googling information?

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Tune in now as co-hosts Dr. Sofie Nubani “The Queen of Laughter & Wisdom” and Dr. Bob Choat “The Transformational Grandmaster” interview Lorrie Hargis, RD, the author of “Common Scents: A Practical Guide to Aromatherapy in its 2nd Edition.”

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Lorrie Hargis interviewed by Edvard Vondra!


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"My Medicine Cabinet"

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