How to Purify & Protect Yourself with Juniper Essential Oil & Mountain Pennyroyal Flower Essence

April Health Forecast: Clearing Negativity with Revitalizing Strength for your Mind & Emotions with Juniper and Mountain Pennyroyal

April will bring us a celestial event, a solar eclipse, and a supermoon, which create a unique energy as the sun and the moon overlap. This energy will open the third eye chakra and create a state of indigo.  “What is the state of indigo? It refers to using the blue-purple shade of indigo to tap into your creative and visionary side. Indigo color is known to enhance creativity and inspire visionary thinking.”


“What do we need to do to access our state of indigo? Firstly, we will focus on purification and protection using Juniper (Juniperus communis L.) essential oil and Mountain Pennyroyal (Monardella odoratissima) flower essence. Purification is the process of making something clean. Have you ever considered purifying your mind, body, and soul? Many cultures, including the Aboriginals, have used purification rituals to move themselves into a higher state of consciousness.”

When we purify our minds, the indigo color can help us shed light on the dark aspects of ourselves that we may have buried deep within our subconscious. This can lead us to a place of healing, where we can rid ourselves of any toxic thoughts or emotions that may be holding us back.

Indigo color sheds a light on the dark aspects of ourselves!

Juniper, the Purifying and Protecting Plant!

Juniper Essential Oil 's Purifying and Protecting Benefits!

Let’s examine the Juniper’s signature feature: needle-like leaves arranged in whorls of three. This characteristic demonstrates how the plant defends its berries against unwanted animals and people.  It is dioecious with male and female cones on separate plants. These cones are considered a fruit which are known as Juniper berries. The color of these berries is indigo. How can Juniper essential oil made from the branches and berries help you purify the accumulation of psycho, neurological, and emotional debris? For centuries, ancient Romans, and Celtic cultures have traditionally used Juniper to purify their bodies, homes, and sacred sites such as temples. Aboriginal peoples and Chinese burned Juniper branches in ceremonies for purification and to protect themselves.

Juniper essential oil contains alpha pinene, a terpene that has been shown in a review conducted by Weston-Green et al., in 2021 to have neuroprotective, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and anti-depressant properties. The exact mechanisms by which pinene and linalool exert their effects are not yet fully understood. However, there is evidence that these molecules enter the circulation and/or brain through various routes of administration (such as inhalation, oral, or i.e.) and alter neurochemical and neurotrophic signaling in areas of the brain that play a role in cognition, anxiety, and depression, such as the hippocampus, frontal cortex, striatum, and midbrain.


Mountain Pennyroyal Cleanses and Expels Negative Thoughts!

Mountain Pennyroyal flower essence is an excellent choice to include in your purification and protection routine. The violet flower of Mountain Pennyroyal represents purity and cleansing. Indigenous tribes rubbed this flower on the weak parts of their bodies and on their third eye energy center (in between the eyes) to bring strength to this center.  It works as purgative with its ability to cleanse and expel negative thoughts that you may have picked up from others and purifies yourself from psychic infestation, and parasitic contamination thus revitalizing your energy field.  Take four drops under your tongue four times daily for 40 days.


You should try this roller ball blend comprising 12 drops of Juniper essential oil and four drops of Mountain Pennyroyal flower essence in 1 oz. of a carrier oil of your choice. Apply it directly on your third eye center and focus on the center between your eyes. Take three deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Make sure to clear out all the thoughts that do not serve you by breathing deep and blowing them out. Then take a short sniff of the blend. Finally, visualize your energy field being pure and protected.


Use this significant energy between now and April 8th during the solar eclipse and super moon and after to access the state of indigo with the Juniper essential oil and Mountain Pennyroyal flower essence blend above to purify and protect yourself as you move forward into your Soul self of creativity and intuition.


“It is important to note that this variety of Mountain Pennyroyal is not toxic, unlike the herbal Pennyroyal (Mentha pulegium), which has concerns regarding its abortifacient properties. Therefore, you can be assured that there are no risks associated with using the Mountain Pennyroyal essence. Even if there were toxic substances in the plant (which is not the case), they would be rendered harmless due to the high dilution level of a flower essence.” Mountain Pennyroyal flower essence is safe to use. This information has been provided by the Flower Essence Society.


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Looking forward to you feeling revitalized using the energies of the solar eclipse and the super moon with Juniper essential oil and Mountain Pennyroyal flower essence purifying and protective energies for a third eye indigo opening to your creativity and inspiring your visions.

Don’t forget your Essentials, Use your Common Scents,

Better Health and Happiness,



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