Daily Essentials: Antiseptic Spray

Hello Everyone,

I am back from Indiana. It was an awesome experience. The Essentials for Ailments Workshop had an excellent turn out; people standing by to come into the workshop. I am so grateful for the wonderful students that I was so privileged to have in my workshop. I learned so much from them. I really enjoyed giving my Presentation on How to infuse essential oils into the IN.FORM program;  How to use essential oils for Detox; How to integrate essential oils with Chinese Herbs. The audience was so reciprocating.

My new booklet ” Essential Detox” was a hit in Indiana. If you weren’t in Indiana you can purchase on this blog my new booklet to go with your new Detox products or Detox program.  I know when I start my next DETOX program group in a few weeks this booklet will be a must read.

Well, I just start to get back into the swing of things in France and I am taking off again to Sri Lanka the island of spices at the end of this week. However before I take off to see this lovely island I want to share this Antiseptic Spray with you. This is the time of year everyone is back at work full time, children are back in school so we are exposed to more bacterias and viruses.  For this Fresh and Uplifting Antiseptic Spray, I chose Lemon Essential Oil because it has a fresh, sharp scent ,Peppermint Essential Oil for its fresh, minty scent along with Frankincense which is warm, balsamic ,sweet incense like scent. All these essential oils are antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic which makes an excellent Antiseptic Spray that you can use in your office, classroom ( as long as it is ok’ed by the school and there are not certain students (autistic) who would be irritated by these scents) and your home.

Here is the recipe:

20 drops Lemon Essential Oil

16 drops Peppermint Essential Oil

10 drops Frankincense EssentialOil

2oz of water

2oz Amber bottle with sprayer

Place essential oils and water in bottle. Roll between your hands and shake to mix the essential oils into the water. Please remember to shake the bottle before usage because water and essential oils do not mix. Spray in all four corners of the room.

Here is the video:


Can’t wait to share with my adventure to Sri Lanka.  Please feel free to leave a comment.

Don’t Forget your Essentials, Use your Common Scents!

I know I won’t when I go to Sri Lanka.

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