🌼Become Lighter with Dandelion Flower Essence

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale Weber; Asteraceae)

We are now half way through the month of March, the earth is awakening and flowers are blossoming (at least in California and the South of France!). During the month of March, the fields around you might become golden as they fill with tiny sunshines called Dandelions. Find out below why you should give attention to this flower, which seems common but is precious!

Plant Description:

Dandelion is part of the Aster family and is found in all parts of the world due to its incredible adaptative qualities, they can be found easily in the mountains, by the sea, in prairies as well as pushing up through sidewalks. This species includes many varieties but it is not known if some are due to the extraordinary polymorphism of the plant or if they are different varieties.

Its leaves are long green and crenellated, which gave it its name in French “dent-de-lion” meaning lions’ tooth, adopted by the anglophones as «dandelion». The leaves grow in rosette at the base of the stem and bear very well through drought or trampling. The dandelion flowers in the spring and can also have a second flowering in the fall, its flowers are well known to all. They are yellow  grouped together in a large rather round corolla, commonly called the flower. But in reality, it is a grouping of a multitude of small tubular yellow flowers, sometimes up to 200 on the same corolla! The symmetric aspect of the tubular flowers give the impression of a sun spotting the landscape. Then the corolla and the flowers turn into fruits, called achenes, which are small seeds, surmounted by a light and white egret, who flies particularly well in the wind for the pleasure of children who blow on it!

Plant Dynamics: 

The dandelion’s dynamic lies in its paradox: with it’s deep pivotal root reaching deep in the ground, rich in inuline, calcium and many other minerals, it is almost impossible to pull out and the contrast of it’s light yellow head with its fruits that will be eventually taken by the wind to be sown deeply again in other lands. Dandelion invites us to un-crystalise matter, to not be prisoners of our own bodies and the materiality that composes our existence but to use its energy wisely and as means to become lighter! 

Lightness is really the order that Dandelion gives us! Inviting us to have our feet firmly grounded on the Earth and our head in the winds, to find stability and balance in our paradoxal essence as spiritual and material beings which is the complexity and beauty of human experience. 

As the philosopher Blaise Pascal says “Man is a point lost between two infinities.”

Dandelion inspires us to tap into the courage and bravery of the lion and its resilience embodies strength and stability. Dandelion is renowned for its healing qualities, each part of the plant has a medicinal use and is edible. In herbalism the leaves and roots hold excellent draining properties for the liver, kidneys and adrenals due to their “bitter” constituents, it is also a diuretic due to the presence of potassium.

As a flower essence it allows one to release tension from the mental and emotional body which could be manifesting in the physical body. It is recommended when a person is overly active and constantly pushing the limits of their physical and mental bodies and unable to listen to their own needs. 

Therefore Dandelion flower essence, helps one to slow down, calm the mental chatter and connect with oneself so we may  listen more attentively to our own needs and respect our body and self. At this time presence and connection are very important for our holistic well being and necessary for us to continue supporting and being present for our family members, loved ones and community. 

Dandelion opens us up to new types of thoughts, lighter ones! but also while maintaining consciousness of our bodies and that they have needs that need to be respected. So we can learn more deeply how to respect our bodies’ needs and therefore how to respect ourselves… and others. 

As Dandelion flower brings us more calmness it opens a space for our difficult emotional issues to be recognised and dissolved with ease. 

Furthermore, for people who are very rigid interiorly, who can be excessive in their ways, such as perfectionists, and those who seek to control everything around them, this flower essence gives them the lightness to do, just as they are, as themselves and therefore not just materially, excessively or to do perfectly. 

You can also add Dandelion flower essence to your favorite massage blend as it eases muscular pain. 

Positive qualities: dynamic, lighter effortless energy, lively activity balanced with inner ease, balance between heaven and earth, compassionate boundaries

Patterns of imbalance: overly tense, especially in the musculature of the body, over-striving and hard-driving. avoids difficult emotions, chronic fatigue, physical weakness, poor stamina, sluggish digestion, feeling worried, disorganized, or scattered.

If you or a loved one says often these phrases start taking Dandelion Flower Essence! (4 drops under the tongue 4 times a day, take consistently for two weeks for full effects)

•“I am so tight in my shoulders”

•“I feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders.”

•“It’s really hard for me to relax.”

•“I have to be constantly moving.” 

•“I rather work hard now, focus on my carrer, I’ll rest when I’m retired.”

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