Did you know your GUT is your 2nd brain ??

I’m here to tell you it’s really what happens and is on the INSIDE that matters. Through the Brain Gut connection we can tap into our inner emotions and understand the different processes our body undergoes, how our digestive system is essential for our optimal mood and overall wellbeing!

What is a Hiatal Hernia?

It is a condition in which part of the stomach pushes up through the diaphragm muscle. In a hiatal hernia, part of the stomach pushes into the chest cavity and enters via an opening where the food tube (esophagus) passes on its way to the stomach (Mayo Clinic, 2020).

Crazy right?! Your stomach can move and be out of place… before you say gross that’s not true… it makes sense though doesn’t it? Our body moves with our emotions, so next time you feel like “something churns your stomach” maybe it actually does.

So is this more of an emotional or physical problem?

Tell me your answer when you join me this weekend for the Brain Gut Workshop!

You will learn:

  1. Are you suffering from a Hiatal Hernia?
  2. What connects the brain and the gut?
  3. What is a Hiatal Hernia?
  4. What is the ileocecal valve?
  5. How does a Hiatal Hernia & ileocecal valve affect our brain and gut?
  6. How to use essential oils and flower essences to help the Hiatal Hernia & ileocecal valve.
  7. What is Muscle Testing?

How to self-reposition a Hiatal Hernia and ileocecal valve.


Muscle testing sounds far-fetched for some people. But for me, it has been a true life changer ever since I discovered this method over 30 years ago and use it in my practice daily to this day…

With muscle testing you communicate directly with your life force and muscle power, asking the body directly where it needs a boost or is devitalized. is a tool to access the life force of the body within the signature field.

This testing draws upon a blend of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Techniques to assess the whole body. It uses muscle response testing to communicate directly with the body and assess a person’s response to any stimulus.

I am inviting you on a journey to dive deep into your different bodies and explore the fullness of your being during the two days of the Brain Gut Workshop.

Saturday September 17th and Sunday September 18th
from 11AM to 3PM Eastern Time.


During my 34 years, I’ve been a global leader in the development of Certified Organic therapeutic skin care, perfumes, and health care products. I’ve led the curriculum development and training programs at Fortune 500 companies and taught 1000’s of people to better their health and well-being. This has led me to develop the “Lorrie” method based on the latest scientific research which incorporates mental and emotional wellness to develop self- confidence, knowledge, and skills assuring outstanding results.

In fact, I love working on the special connection we all have between our brains and our guts, we can overcome so many emotional challenges by going deep down in those ooey gooey insides and finding relief from so much discomfort! That is why I am inviting you to the special Live Brain Gut workshop to learn more about this connection, how to heal a hitial hernia, and our ileocecal valve.

Brain Gut Workshop:

Two days of individual and collective healing with Essential Oils, Flower Essences, Massage & more with the Lorrie Method!

Saturday September 17th & Sunday September 18th, 2022

11 AM to 3 PM EST


If you’ve ever “gone with your gut” to make a decision or felt “butterflies in your stomach” when nervous, you’re likely getting signals from an unexpected source: your second brain. Hidden in the walls of the digestive system, this “brain in your gut” is revolutionizing medicine’s understanding of the links between digestion, mood, health and even the way you think.

Scientists call this little brain the enteric nervous system (ENS). And it’s not so little. The ENS is two thin layers of more than 100 million nerve cells lining your gastrointestinal tract from esophagus to rectum.

Lorrie Hargis Master Aromatherapist and Holistic Healer will share with you all you need to know about the Brain-Gut connection, how to treat a Hiatal Hernia yourself, with essential oil blends, flower essences and more! Join me for a beautiful, liberating online workshop on Saturday, September 17th, from 11 AM to 3 PM EST!


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