Emotional Healing Workshop Student Testimonials!

Scroll down to read the comments of some of our previous attendees on their experience of the Emotional Healing Workshops:

Elizabeth Martinez, RN. Oncology Nurse Navigator

” The Total Immersion Essential Emotional Healing Workshop Using Common Scents with Essential Oils & Flower Essences was so much more than I expected.

I learned so much about myself through story telling about the emotional baggage that I was carrying around and how it was weighing me down. I suppressed these emotions deep down, which did not allow me to move forward nor allow for healing. Lorrie Hargis, RA was an amazing mentor who taught and provided participants with the tools that we could use to implement in our daily lives. Taught us to identify our emotions and using simple exercises to open our hearts and clear energy as well as creating a variety of blends with essential oils and flower essences to support us through emotional healing. I met so many beautiful people and the energy throughout the class was inspiring and rejuvenating.”

Valerie Stone, Certified Massage Therapist

“Good morning, I’m sharing a couple of things today…SELF-SABOTAGE has been a running theme…

8 months ago @ the emotional healing class with Lorrie Hargis RA, I noticed myself self-sabotaging pretty much all weekend. I’m thankful for being “present” in that class since it’s been a huge part of my fantastic journey. I got past the urge to sabotage myself when it was time for the “check-in” webinar we had recently with Lorrie. The self-talk was real. So I sat down with all items needed and “checked-in”. It felt literally like I “choked” on my breath twice during the breathing exercise. A lot was revealed to me during that most wonderful, necessary, caring, safe and nurturing space with my EO tribe. I am well on my way, enjoying the journey immensely and proud of myself for honoring myself and giving myself the gift of tapping into all that is offered here and the harmonious exchange between us. Namaste🙏🏽.”

Marsha Byrd

I attended in April. I helped my 70 y.o. recently widowed neighbor who suffers with anxiety attacks by giving her a roll on blend from Lorrie’s recipes. She just called me and asked for more! I must find my notes as soon as this session is over!

Diane Maiorisi, New Jersey

I really recommend the class. Life changer!!! It created emotional balance, prosperity and health for myself, which then did the same for my family, friends and clients.”

Linda Kantor, Wyoming

Your class has given me the tools to use more essential oils. I am teaching two oil classes at a local hospital. I am studying your materials and you really set the stage for that. I am so glad I took your class. It was so great.

Your books are so good and usable. I was so impressed with your class. I certainly came home with so much more than the cost.

You are amazing. I am so glad I got to meet you and consider you one of the most gifted and loving souls in this business and I really mean that.

Shirley Klaus, New Jersey

My eyes were opened to many new techniques for Emotional Healing. The Essential Oil blends made in the class lead me to more understanding about how to use Flower Essences and Essential Oils. Then learning how to reshape a negative personal story are some of the valuable things that I learned in the Emotional-healing Workshop with Lorrie Hargis RA. So thankful that I will receive the recording of this as well because it was packed with valuable information on Emotional Healing that I will share in the near future.

I am relieved and refreshed.” Josh Chaney, California

I feel supported, empowered and stronger.” Sharon Dal Santo, Ohio

Existential ( like I left my body)” Mary Polisano, New Jersey

Valerie Stone, Certified Massage Therapist

“The benefits from the Emotional Healing Workshops are the catalyst to my phenomenal success I had with the Dynamic Detox Program. Emotional Healing set the foundation.

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