Exclusive New Master Essential Oil Class on Covid Care!

Since the p*ndemic, our world has completely changed. For those having gone through c*v*d, our bodies have changed. Our ways of healing our families and ourselves must change too.

I, Lorrie Hargis, Registered Aromatherapist and Natural Health Practitioner for over 34 years, have healed myself from different variants of the virus twice in the last year.

In my International School of Aromatherapy, we have been studying the complex symptoms and long term problems this virus develops and how aromatherapy is beneficial.

As summer is coming to an end, the protective heat wears off and viruses and bacteria come back into our reality, often harshly. This year be prepared! When you go back to school…don’t go back to sickness!

On August 22nd & 23rd, I am offering an Exclusive Masterclass on C*v*dCare for FREE, to share with you ways to build strong immunity patterns, balance the nervous system, with essential oils, herbs, exercises & more!

We shall be discussing a wide range of c*v*d related topics, from general knowledge to dealing with the new variants to the effect it has on women’s mental health!

Each FREE session is going to be amazing – 1pm New York Time each day!

You can also check out my blog post on How I overcame COVID with Herbs, Vitamins, Essential Oils & Flower Essences?

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Don’t Forget Your Essentials, Use Your Common Scents,

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