How to Become Softer and Warmer with your Words: Calendula

September Health Forecast: Becoming Softer with Calendula. 

Last week  I found a bag of Calendula flowers that my daughter left in my cupboard and made a cup of Calendula tea. It brought back memories of how I spoke about “Caléndula” at the Flower Essence Practitioner Course in 1991 and was corrected by my teachers who told me it is actually pronounced “kuh·lend·yuh·luh”. I am dyslexic so I’ve mispronounced a few words, that wasn’t a surprise but what was a surprise is that I was pronouncing it the French way and 10 years later I moved to France where I spontaneously said it correctly for the French. Then two years later I took over a cosmetic company where we were using Calendula officinalis in many products, so I never forgot this beautiful flower nor its name.

There are no coincidences, I stumbled upon the dried flowers just as I have been given a new product development project with Calendula macerated oil. So as the dry summer heat rolls into liquid sunshine and falling leaves the color of Calendula petals, I immerse myself into the healing properties of this plant. Here is what I wish to share with you now for the month of September.  

First I would like to talk about Calendula Flower Essence. It is indicated for “healing warmth and receptivity, especially in the use of the spoken word and in dialogue with others”. I have noticed how harsh and destructive we can be with our ears and mouths. It is so easy to make fun of those who do not express themselves the way “they’re supposed to”, stutter or mispronounce words, have different accents, or just don’t talk “right”. I have been confronted with a lot of impatience and judgement, personally for my dyslexia and living in a country where I don’t speak the language or even with my eldest son who stuttered and suffered horrible shaming. I really wonder why people feel the need to belittle and shame those who are different than them especially through language and speech. I am really grateful to receive positive feedback from my students who say that they are inspired by the way I teach authentically and show them that even with this level of dyslexia you can be a respected teacher, author, and anything you want to be! Even if I mispronounce a word or a botanical name, my students still understand me because my intention is pure and they don’t get stuck on the spaces where I don’t conform, they can go past it and hear the message behind the word. This is the reason I want to offer you a Free  Master Class called Keeping it Cool with Flower Essences & Essential Oils  Watch here


 The Word is powerful, is creation and we must use it wisely. Have you heard that words spelled backward are swords? Have there been times when you have been argumentative and said things in the heat of the moment and realized you were cutting the other person to shreds getting that jab in before listening to them? This is when Calendula flower essence can help you to be a better listener and more receptive to others and what they are truly saying.

Miscommunications with others can be resolved smoothly, without creating anger, frustration, or inconsiderate behaviors. I believe we need more softness, because strength and weakness are opposites, but strength and softness are synonyms.

What does it take to communicate well? The first step towards better expression is learning to listen to ourselves. Hearing our inner voice loud and clear comes with trust and that warm sensation in the solar plexus.

How can we help ourselves to sense this within ourselves?

There is a radiant and warm flower Calendula known for centuries as Mary’s gold for its resemblance to the rays of light that radiate from the Virgin Mother’s head. This radiance from the Calendula flower essence helps us generate warmth and healing forces in our words with the ability to balance speaking and listening. 

If you want to improve your listening skills and ability to connect with others, consider trying Calendula flower essence. This essence is said to give great forces of warmth and compassion to the human soul, leading to active and receptive communication and bonding.

To begin using, choose a high-quality Calendula flower essence (you can purchase here)  or in a Flower Essence combination called Keep Cool and follow these instructions carefully. You can take the flower essence orally: four drops under your tongue four times daily or 20 drops diluted in your water bottle and drinking on it all day long.

Using Calendula flower essence requires consistency and patience. It may take time for the healing process to take effect but don’t give up. With continued use, you may notice a significant improvement in your ability to listen and connect with others, resulting in better relationships.

Don’t forget to learn more about Calendula and other flower essences  for better communication in our Keeping It Cool with Flower Essences & Essential Oil Class. Watch here

Sending you warmth and radiance with Calendula in  September.

Better Health and Happiness,


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