In 2023 Find Courage to Create what you want in your Life!

Let's transform our fears into courage!

The aroma of banana bread infuses the room and winter sun rays stream into the kitchen asking me to look at 2023. Through my window and into the next year, I see how much I want to help you feel better, and improve your health and well-being. Let’s welcome the new year by connecting with our bodies, minds, and souls and envision ourselves connecting with others around us in loving relationships. 
Most of us start the new year with the ritual of New Year’s Resolutions but those can go by the wayside/ quickly be broken. How can we explain this universal phenomenon? Are we truly just afraid of keeping our resolutions and afraid of our success? I believe we can find the courage to create the lives we want consistently by overcoming our deep-rooted fears. So are certain fears stopping you from achieving what you want?
Let’s look at fear from a holistic point of view.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the kidney and bladder meridians correspond to the Winter season and are associated with the emotion of fear. When we live in constant fear of doing something wrong or getting hurt even if we are not in dangerous situations, it affects our kidneys. If we constantly replay the voices of our parents or of others telling us not to do this, or try new things, or criticizing us as soon as we did for not being good enough. We are probably feeling blocked and have a fear of failure and success. 
And these fears can manifest physically in our bodies. Our kidneys are like batteries providing us with the much-needed energy to progress in life. When we are fearful all the time the kidneys become weakened and tired because all of our energy is consumed by the fear and stress created by it. Our kidneys, considered as the roots of our bodies, as they filter our plasma, can’t work well nor help absorb our minerals when we are in fear and working too hard. Low kidney energy also equals being indecisive. It is like being outside on a clear night but not being able to find which star in the sky you want to follow.
Therefore, another sign of kidney imbalance is a lack of willpower and motivation. You might find yourself not wanting to leave your home because you fear getting sick. You could be fearful of not having enough money, not being able to provide for yourself, and sinking lower if you try to get out of your situation. These kinds of fears could have been passed down to you so you might not be consciously aware of them but they are actively limiting you and surfacing throughout your life. 
Here are some tips on how to help your kidneys give you the energy to overcome your fears, especially during the cold winter season: 
-drink enough water 
-take in enough fluids such as homemade soups and herbal teas
-keep your feet up and warm 
Learn how to turn your fear into courage by working with your emotional body with a wonderful Flower Essence, by watching the video below. 

Join me on Tuesday January 3rd 2023 for our Yearly Wishes Fulfilled Workshop in the Common Scents Community to envision your dreams for 2023.

All my love, light and best wishes for a happy and healthy 2023!

Lorrie Hargis R.A. 


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