June Health Forecast: Don’t hold back – Reach your Potential 

How can you hone your skills and translate your goals without procrastinating? This is the exact question that I asked myself in the Summer  of 1992 when I arrived at the Flower Essence Certification program. I was camping on site in the middle of Blackberries. Each day I got more and more acquainted with my neighbors the blackberries watching them crawl closer and closer to my tent and their flowers would peek open their soft white and pink petals with their cone shaped receptor waiting to help you with any goal that you would like to achieve telling you get with it as I do! The blackberry Flower said,  “I never stop my growth and I bear fruit as the fire element increases during this time with intention to get what I know my soul needs to accomplish on this earth! My prickly vines keep out others from stopping me manifesting my goals. The heat of this season ignites my intentions not allowing me any time to procrastinate. It keeps pushing me to hone my skills of positive affirmations and visualize  my goals.“

After this experience with Blackberry flower and plant I started using it regularly in my personal flower essence formulation because I had 3 case studies to do to finish my flower essence Practitionership. These case studies went well with my clients but how do I put the experiences into words that can get across to my tutors? I wanted to stop, however Blackberry flower Essence kept me on track and gave me the courage to believe in myself and get them done no matter how hard some days where. I struggled but carried on just like vine of the BlackBerry and I become more open to possibilities of how to explain my clients challenges and how they began to get closer to their soul mission and thus it not only manifested my goal of completing the case studies well. It also helped them through me to see how close they were to the deep recesses of their hearts and soul work. I feel Blackberry flower essence offers everyone this opportunity to manifest their goals especially as we go closer to what the ancestors of this land the First Nations call the Strawberry moon on June 3rd.

Don’t just read this and hold back, get your Blackberry flower essence and start your path to understand how flower essences work and how you can use them by signing up for my Flower Essence Practitioner Course 10 week Summer School program starting June 21st, 2023! 

Looking forward to being with you and all the energy of summer and BlackBerry flower essence. 

Better Health and Happiness, 


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