May Health Forecast: Blossom into a new cycle

Welcome to the blossoming month of May, where the days are stretching and soft and everything seems possible. Spring is here, especially in our hearts, softening and emanating love. 

“There dwells a subtle fragrance
Within the woods of May,
That baffles all description,
Inviting us to stay.
Aroma of the spring-time.
Of bursting buds it tells,
Of wild flowers bright unfolding
From out their tiny cells.”

-Ellwood Roberts 

This month marks the end of a cycle, and the rebirth of another cycle with the last Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio for the next decades on May 5th, enhanced with the full moon. The end of the first week of May, is going to be full with intensity, so give yourself space to feel, express and be. It is not the time to be highly productive, stay hydrated, and as well rested as the light of the full moon will permit. A lunar eclipse reveals energies that help us complete a journey or shift our course in some way. We need to be clear, rested and as calm as possible in order to cleanse  our emotional and physical body. At any full moon is when our emotions, projects come to a head and things can explode that is also true for our physical parasites which come out more on a full moon. This is the perfect time to give your intestinal system and liver a hand. I highly recommend using a castor oil pack to access ultimate physical and mental relaxation to surf smoothly these eclipse waves. Get the perfect one for you here.

This eclipse and full moon help shine a light on the things we have been avoiding, the things we are carrying but that no longer serve us. Let’s become conscious of the good habits we have and the ones we wish to change. On the collective level, it is a time when a lot of things are going to unravel and we may face adverse situations, it is important to stay grounded in these instances and ask the important questions for ourselves and find time to explore the answers to these and find our own references and inner alignment. 

Therefore for May 2023, I want to share with you the beautiful plant Red Clover (Trifolioum pratense) it brings back childhood memories of sucking on the sweet nectar of the small flowers and appreciating the small pleasures given by nature. Sweetness and softness are primordial this month. 

The ability to maintain one’s own sense of individuality can be severely challenged in adverse situations, particularly where conditions of strong “mass conditions” prevail. It is well known that many people lose their capacity to think and respond when caught in highly-charged “webs” of emotional energy, such as the group panic or hysteria which can arise during natural disasters, war, economic crisis, or when public emotions are inflamed by political or religious demagoguery.

Patricia Kaminsky says: Red Clover flower essence is a powerful cleanser and balancer; it is especially to the psychic properties of the blood, where the spiritual ego of each individual resides. Red Clover infuses strong forces of self-awareness so that the individual can think in a calm and steady way, and act form his/her center of truth. At the same time, each of us exists within a myriad of other familial, cultural and environmental identities that can impinge on the internal clarity of our core I-dentity. During these times, we lose connection to our own solid core of Self and especially to our own calm inner knowing. The heart loses its natural rhythmic harmony and blood courses chaotically through us, subsumed in an astral conflagration of fear, panic and anxiety. It is Red Clover that restores a calm “I-knowing” within the heart and blood, thus helping to re-instate the sense of Self that has been disrupted.

While called “Red” Clover – the color is not the bright classic red one might expect. Rather it is a magenta-hued red, suffused with purple, indicating a cooling, containing and calming quality. Indeed, the healing action of Red Clover is that of a “tamed flame” in which air and fire forces are balanced and re-directed. In this way, we can understand its role as a blood cleanser and heart healer in traditional herbalism. The natural affinity for Legume plants toward movement and air is further directed in the Red Clover toward the fire element of the circulating blood.  It becomes a healing force in the metabolism, mitigating excess heat and agitation, and re-energizing the healthy flow of blood so that waste product can be eliminated. In a similar manner, this estrogen-rich herb works to re-balance feminine hormonal fire when the menstrual blood ceases to flow. It is especially efficacious for alleviating the  “misdirected blood and heat” symptoms of menopause, such as heart palpitations, hot flashes, night sweats and accompanying feelings of restlessness, unease and anxiety.

Red Clover is essential during this period, Taurus season is here and the planet Venus is considered to be the lord of Taurus zodiac sign. This planet and sign bring our focus back to our hearts and see how do we love? Where do we find nourishment? What do we treasure? This planet asks us to appreciate the exquisite nature of things. It brings us to think about how beauty is vital for us? What kind of beauty is a necessity for your wellbeing and balance? What are the tiny moments of beauty and for me particularly connection that keep us going through the heaviness of life and our responsibilities? 

Red clover as an herb is amazing for the heart and circulating blood, it is important to take care and give attention to our physical body which Taurus energy invites us to do. This sign rules the physical body and the senses, the question arrises of how do we follow and listen to our senses in a balanced way? Without being excessive? And see if you are in charge of your body or is your body running you? 

Balance, is a beautiful word, concept but that can sometimes in our overflowing lives seem impossible, almost absurd. This month I want to invite you to tap into your body and senses with essential oils. When we say balance, aromatherapists automatically think of Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens) essential oil. The main fragrant Geraniums Pelargonium, are very close in chemical composition and in therapeutic properties. This essential oil has high amounts of citronellol and geraniol which reminds one of Rose essential oil, it is absorbed very easily by the skin. It has a wide range of regulating properties which reduce the harmful consequences of stress. Geranium brings us a harmonising effect and limits the production of stress hormones, get Geranium essential oil here. It is also toning and regulating for the cardiovascular system. You can inhale Geranium essential oil on an aroma stick whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed, unbalanced or disconnected from yourself or loved ones. It is pure balm for your heart. You can also massage yourself and loved ones with 20 drops of Geranium essential oil for 1 oz of vegetable oil (find here), massage your heart center, upper back, hands and feet.

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