🌸New Flower Essence Course✨

🌷Flower Essence Course – 8 week Online Program🌷

This course has been crafted by my team and I, for all those who desire to connect with the subtle, yet powerful, healing powers of flowers and tune into their emotions to help heal themselves and their family. 

The Flower Essence Course and Certification Practitioner Course is a unique opportunity to learn from Registered Aromatherapist and Flower Essence Practitioner Lorrie Hargis and her 34+ years of experience. This course is crafted to be effective and in depth, therefore you shall be immersed in Flower Essences for 8 weeks and we will study and review one module in a group coaching call per week. Homework will be given each week for the next coaching call. Furthermore, you shall receive a flower essence consultation with Lorrie Hargis R.A. to get in touch with your Flower Archetype. 

This training is made to help us tune into our intuition and connect on deeper levels to the medicine of plants. 

🎓Flower Essence Practitioner Course – 8 week Online Program & Case Studies🎓

The Practitioner Course is crafted for all those who desire to not only heal themselves, their emotions with the powers of flower essences but who also feel called to accompany those around them, clients to find better health and happiness. Students will be in the same coaching calls as the Flower Essence Course students but will spend additional hours working directly with clients, learning how to confidently use flower essence therapy in a professional setting and have to finalize three case studies from their experience to receive the certificate. A private coaching call with Curriculum Manager Sue Griffiths for writing the case studies is also included.

START DATE: February 22nd 2023
DEADLINE FOR SIGNUPS: December 21st 2022


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(This 5 video series will walk you through healing naturally with Essential Oils)

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