October Health Forecast: Don’t Worry, Be Joyful! Nurture the Mother within You!


I live in the South of France in a region called the Aude where it is known for its viticulture. I always feel the abundance of Mother Earth in the Autumn when the grapes are picked, and the local market has so many kinds of squash and different greens. I was raised on a farm in the Central Valley in California therefore I am always so thankful for the wonderful variety of foods grown there. Mother Earth offers us all our minerals through foods that are grown deep within her like carrots, beets, and potatoes. She also provides us with vitamins from fruits, berries, and vegetables.

Do you know you have Mother Earth within you?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the Earth element is connected to two organs: the spleen and the stomach. The spleen is considered a major organ of digestion and the mother to all the organs because she transforms and transports nutrients to the heart and lungs.

How do you know if your Spleen is not nurturing you?

  1. Physically you suffer from these health challenges:

  1. Poor digestion

  2. Diarrhea

  3. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  4. Gas & Bloating

  5. Poor Muscle Tone


  1. Emotionally you suffer from:

  1. worry

  2. anxiety 

  3. overthinking 

  4. ruminating on your worries 

  5. not clear intention 

  6. foggy brain

  7. Unmotivated


When the spleen meridian is balanced you feel:

  1. Joyful 

  2. Happily, present for others

  3. Playful

  4. Grounded

  5. Centered

  6. Clear intentions

  7. Reach Goals

  8. Abundant

How can you nurture your inner child by balancing your spleen meridian?

Here is a video of a Qi Gong Exercise that can help you balance your spleen meridian and nurture your inner child and feel the joy within. 

Before doing the video – I suggest putting 25 drops of your favorite citrus essential oil in your nebulizing diffuser. Stand six feet away from your diffuser while doing this exercise.

Check out these and see which one fits you!

Orangemy fav – Warming & energizing to the heart

Lemon – Brings joy to life

Lime – Uplifting for depression 

Bergamot – Reduces anxiety 

Mandarin – Stress reducing 

Grapefruit – Builds confidence & clarity

Want to go deeper? Learn How to Balance your Spleen Meridian with Essential Oils & Chinese Herbs!


Join me for the Common Scent Community Workshop on October 4th at 1pm EST:

  • What is the Spleen Meridian in (TCM)?

  • What Chinese Element is connected to the Spleen Meridian?

  • What Season is connected to Spleen?

  • What is the time of day for the Spleen on the Chinese time clock?

  • Where is the energy center of the Spleen located on the body?

  • Video – Spleen Meridian

  • The Body & Mind Connection for the Spleen

  • Tips for Spleen 

  • •Chinese Constitutional Questionnaire for the Earth Element

  • Herbs for Yang Earth Stressed Person

  • Herbs for Yin Earth Weakened Person

  • Formulations

  • The Mother in you Meditation



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