Organic Skin Care, new regulations in the US?

For the past 35 years, I have been working in the natural health field and during that time I spent over 12 years as the director of an organic skin care, cosmetic and perfumery company called Solaroma in the South of France. 

I learned so much about crafting blends, essences, the art of perfumery “à la française” but mostly about another French speciality: rules and regulations, with the constraint of transforming and developing exclusively organic products. Regulations are the unavoidable obstacles small companies have to overcome each year to earn their organic certificates such as “Ecocert”, etc and just to be able to do business. In France and Europe more globally, businesses must follow certain rules to ensure the ultimate safety of the consumers, especially with fragrances and allergens. 

Now, since December 23rd 2022, the US Senate passed a bill which contains a requirement for safety substantiation of cosmetic products. It should be noted that under current law, cosmetics manufacturers are responsible for substantiating the safety of their products and ingredients before the products are marketed to ensure that they are not adulterated or misbranded. The new bill defines “safe” as, “not injurious to users under the conditions of use prescribed in the labelling thereof, or under such conditions of use as are customary”. The bill gives the FDA mandatory recall authority and requires some changes in labelling with an emphasis on fragrance allergens. Rules and regulations in the US are evolving and I want to help all those out there that want to meet the test ahead to be ready and have all the cards in hand to make beautiful, creative and safe products! 

Therefore, I feel it will be so beneficial to focus this year on Organic Skin Care in our Common Scents’ Community Live Monthly Workshops. 

Please join me for the first one, “Introduction to Organic Skin Care” February 7th at 1 PM EST. Don’t hesitate to join the Common Scents Community and here’s why. 

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