Power, Courage & Bravery of the Heart

February Health Forecast!

Hello Everyone,

How are you feeling? February is smack in the middle of Winter where we have less light externally. This gives us an opportunity to spend more time relaxing our minds, bodies, and souls. When we relax it creates an energy that connects into the deepest recesses of our hearts. Yes, this month of February is known for feelings of the heart- love, passion – Valentine’s Day. On another level, it gives us the chance to find out what we are truly passionate about and to stay on our purpose. What makes our heart tick?   The challenge is most of us are very stressed, running from one thing to the next; not feeling like what we are doing is good enough. The others are always doing better than we are. So out of sheer will we push through it, don’t rest, relax, and take the time to truly feel what we are feeling.

Yet this is the reason we have the season of Winter, and we celebrate the Heart in February is to take the time to reflect and reconnect to our energy system. Our heart is a huge part of our electrical system, and it is the bridge (the wiring) connecting our mind (upper energy centers) and body (lower centers)!

So, ask yourself right now, “Do you find yourself agitated, stressed and more hostile towards others?” Being wound up like a clock doesn’t allow you to feel the rhythm of your heart. It depletes your energy and makes you feel tired where only by sure will you get yourself out of bed each day.  


This brings me to a story of the wee fairies in the Celtic folklore where they protected a tree called Hawthorn. This tree or shrub grows in temperate places in Europe and North America. It is in the Rose (Rosaceae) family, so it has thorns. The Hawthorn tree was celebrated for its incredible beauty and its ability to support life, yet deeply feared and respected, for it was said to be home to fairies who would curse any who harmed it. The berries of the Hawthorn (called Haws) ripen throughout the year, turning from green through spring an early summer to a deep red in August with the coming of autumn. The berries persist throughout autumn and often into winter, providing food for people and birds. Let’s try to understand why the fairies protected this tree specifically.

Nowadays, people still take Hawthorn berries because it is known tonic for the heart. In a scientific review, “Roles and Mechanisms of Hawthorn and Its Extracts on Atherosclerosis: A Review, it says, “In China, the use of hawthorn for the treatment of cardiovascular disease dates to 659 AD. In addition, according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, it acts on tonifying the spleen to promote digestion and activate blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis. This review revealed that the hawthorn extracts possess serum lipid-lowering, anti-oxidative, and cardiovascular protective properties, thus gaining popularity, especially for its anti-atherosclerotic effects. We summarize the four principal mechanisms, including blood lipid-lowering, anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, and vascular endothelial protection, thus providing a theoretical basis for further utilization of hawthorn,” (Wu M.et al.). As we can see the fairies knew that they were protecting a powerful plant, a plant that needs to stay protected by us today and kept alive in our lives. Their heart was in the right place.

I use Hawthorn each day because I have a little swish sound coming from my heart so to keep that electrical current strong, I take 3 capsules per day. Click here to strengthen your Heart with Hawthorn. 

On an emotional and energetic level, the fairies were also protecting the Hawthorn tree because it has a distinct blossom, made up of tiny, delicate white petals which completely cover the plant in spring. The blossoming of the Hawthorn is symbolic, signaling the end of the dark, cold winter nights, and the beginning of spring, fertility, and new life. Thus now, we know even more why they were protecting the flowers of the Hawthorn tree because when they are made into Hawthorn flower essence, they help us to have strong and vital bodily forces that impart power, courage, brave, and positive assertive forces. According to the Flower Essence Society, the imbalance that Hawthorn flower essence helps to overcome: an overly strong will that depletes the hearts balance; “Type A” aggressive, hostile personality; easily agitated or stressed when personal will forces are not satisfied.” A good way to use Hawthorn flower essences is by taking four drops under your tongue four times under tongue. Click here to start using Hawthorn flower essence

Find out more by watching the video below 🙂 

I hope learning and using Hawthorn berries and flowers will help you to empower you to follow your heart.

Looking forward to your Heart being Healthier and Happier,

Don’t forget your Essentials, Use your Common Scents,

All The Best,


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