Stop Aphids in your Garden

Hello Everyone,

The summer garden  just about finished however we can still have problems with aphids and ants. You also can use this formulation at the beginning of your winter garden before it freezes and insects are still a problem. With this formulation you will notice it not only will get rid of your aphid population but your ant population too, because ants eat the substance that the aphid give off.

Well, I’m off to Indiana tomorrow to do a Workshop called Essentials for Ailments, a Book signing for my new booklet called ‘ Essentials for Detox.” A must read when using essential oils during detoxing and cleansing. You will be able to purchase it on my website on Wednesday September 9th. The cost is 8.00. Can’t wait for you to read it.

Then I am presenting all three different topics- How to infuse essential oils in The IN.FORM program, How to use Essential oils for Detox and How to Integrate essential oils with Chinese Herbs.

Here is a video on How to rid your garden of Aphids.

Hope to see you in Indiana.
Au Revoir,


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