Balancing the Gallbladder Meridian with Chinese Herbs & Essential Oils

Our growing Common Scents Community continues learning how to use Chinese Herbs and Essential Oils and this month I taught the LIVE Workshop focusing on the Gallbladder Meridian.

According to Hassler et al., 20 million people in the US have gallstones a year! 

Even if you have had gallbladder surgery, this information will help you bring harmony to your digestive system.  

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You will be learning;

  • What is the Gallbladder Meridian in (TCM)?
  • The Gallbladder Yang
  • What Chinese Element connected to the Gallbladder ?
  • What Season is connected to the Gallbladder ?
  • What is the time of day for the Gallbladder Meridian?
  • Where is the Gallbladder meridian on the tongue
  • What does the Gallbladder Meridian affect?
  • What essential oils and Chinese Herbs to help balance the Gallbladder meridian?
  • CEU NAHA approved

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