Summer Camp – Sunshine in a Bottle!

What an incredible Master Class series on Orange essential oil! Thank you all so much for not only showing up, but for the level of participation and commitment from so many of you in these live sessions this week. It was so much fun and our team had a giggle trying to keep up (technically) with you all as the comments hit hard and fast during each session.

The replay video for the final Master Class Lesson on Spa Treatments with Orange Essential Oil is now ready to watch or replay!

The videos for the 4 classes will remain available to watch until Sunday June 26th at midnight PST. Don’t forget to download a copy of the slides that go with each lesson – you can find the link just beneath each replay video.

Lesson #4 – Spa Treatments

Download a copy of the presentation slides here!

If you are excited to learn more about using Essential Oils in your daily life for yourself, friends, family or in your business and, if you want to be part of a growing dynamic group of Aroma essential oil lovers and enthusiasts then JOIN US in our Common Scents Community so we can grow together in our knowledge and understanding of how to use these wonderful products and gifts

My lesson #3 – Orange Essential Oil for Sensational Sprays recording is now ready to watch!!

I am so honoured by all your presence these last three days! Here is what a couple of our participants said, “I am so very grateful that you are sharing your wealth with us all over this roly-poly floating rock. Kudos for planting good seeds into all of us good grounded folks!!!” and “As always, your lessons are amazing! Thank you so much!

Lesson #3 – Sensational Sprays

Download a copy of the presentation slides here!

Tomorrow is our final FREE MasterClass for this Summer Camp series so make sure you are Live with us and participating in our quiz, there might be a little surprise for you ;))

This last Master Class is all about Spa Treatments so don’t miss it!

The first two lessons of the Master Essential Oil class are available to you now on replay!!

I hope you enjoyed them

(And Lesson 2 yesterday was pretty fun – we had many comments during the broadcast!)

You can check out the replay below.

Lesson #2 – Kitchen Fun

Download a copy of the presentation slides here!

If you weren’t able to join me live yesterday, try to get caught up on that as soon as you can… so you’ll be ready when I go live again tomorrow, June 22nd at 1pm Eastern (New York) time with Lesson 3.

This one is going to be all about Orange Essential Oil for SENSATIONAL SPRAYS and you’re gonna love it!

I’ll see you tomorrow… here’s the link for when I go live…CLICK HERE for Lesson #3

I’m so happy to see so many of you turned up and tuned in for our Happy Hair session today!

If you missed it (or want to watch it again!!) watch the replay below and join us to keep up to date on this series on Orange Essential Oil!

You’re definitely going to want to check it out today, if possible… because lesson 2 is coming up tomorrow and it is all about Kitchen Fun using Orange Essential Oil for the SUMMER SOLSTICE.

Lesson #1 Replay – Happy Hair

Download a copy of the presentation slides here!

IMPORTANT: Lesson 2 of the Essential Oil Masterclass starts at 1pm Eastern (New York) time on June 21st!

This one’s all about Using Orange Essential Oil in the Kitchen.

You will learn:

  • Why essential oils in food ?
  • The benefits of essential oils in food!
  • How to use orange essential oil in food ?
  • Delicious RECIPES

See you tomorrow at 1.00PM EDT and here’s the link where we’ll be broadcasting live:

We are so excited! TODAY, Lesson #1 Using Orange Essential Oil

We are so excited! TODAY, Lesson #1 Using Orange Essential Oil in Hair Care starts at 1pm EDT in Master Essential Oil Class Facebook group.

If you aren’t in the Master Essential Oil Facebook Group yet?

Watch my video to see how to participate in the Live Stream of Lesson #1 and the prizes you can win!

Summer makes me think of juicy, zesty oranges and all the many ways that we use them. We put them in salads, make drinks with them, preserve them as; jams, cakes, biscuits, candied peels etc. This gorgeous fruit really is Sunshine in a Bottle!

This Summer Camp series on Orange Essential Oil came about when some of our Common Scents Community members asked me how to make formulations for body-care treatments during the hot months when our hair and skin can dry out from being outside in the garden or at the beach (if you’re lucky enough to get there!) So please don’t miss out on learning more about this fabulous essential oil and the ways we can use it.

I have now opened up registration for our FREE Master Essential Oil Summer Camp Series on Orange – and it’s going to be fabulous CLICK HERE for your seat Check out this video to see what this camp will be all about!

Our Common Scents Community active members are already learning about individual essential oils and so much more so take a look at what their 2022 learning schedule has in store for them!

So next week I’m going to give away a free “ Master Essential Oil class” Summer Camp Series on ORANGE essential oil!

There’s no credit card required. No one-click up-sells.

And… I’m going to deliver it all via live broadcast through our private Facebook Group.

In total, I’m going to have four live lessons… and it’s probably going to be about 6 hours of training… plus videos, PDF downloads, a Facebook support group, and a few extra live sessions. Click the video below to learn more:

In our previous Live Master Class Series we have had so many of you respond so enthusiastically about all the content learning and we are very excited to be running this next one for a little self-pampering!

You can join us live for free for each session and all you need to do is be a member of our private Facebook Group and check our our posts as to when we are going live.

If you are not already an active member then please click the link below and answer the 3 questions giving your email address so we are able to keep you up to date.

CLICK HERE for the free Master Essential Oil class FB link

NOTE: I will be giving you tried and tested formulations to help you with that summer glow!

It’s 100% free, and I guarantee it will change the way you think about Orange essential oil and how it can help you to feel more energetic and hopeful…

CLICK HERE for the free Master Essential Oil class

Summer is now upon us and it’s exciting to be able to get out and enjoy the sunshine while eating healthier with fresh fruit and salads.

Coming from California I just love oranges and I thought why not offer my Summer Camp Series of Live workshops on the fabulous essential oil of Orange through our private Facebook Group:

Summer sun requires us to take care of our skin and hair so join me for this upcoming FREE Master Class Series starting soon.

We are going to have 6+ hours of live training on how to use essential oil of orange in fabulous formulations!

Dates for your Diary:

Happy Hair-care – Monday June 20th at 1.00 PM EDT (New York Time)

Kitchen Fun – Tuesday June 21st at 1.00 PM EDT

Sensational Sprays – Wednesday June 22nd at 1.00 PM EDT

Spa Treatments – Thursday June 23rd at 1.00 PM EDT

If you are a member of our private group then we will notify you by email when each session is about to start. You can register here to join our group:

Please SHARE this information to anyone you think might enjoy and benefit from this FREE training. Simply share the link above with your colleagues, friends & family so that they can join too.

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